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Eden Life in Lockdown - Collecting Project.

Caption - Blue sign of rainbow on a gate

We are currently living through a defining moment in time, for the world and our local community. It is our role as a museum to collect the story of Eden during this extraordinary time. We would love you to help us with this. Penrith and Eden Museum would like you to share your images with us that reflect your experience of living through a pandemic.

The museum would like to build a collection of signs created by you during lockdown, for example -

Shop signage

Rainbows in windows

Signage around villages and towns of instructions or community support

Images of what you have been doing and how life has changed for you, for example -


Getting creative

Working from home



Going to work wearing PPE

Caption - Image of a sign leaning against a bike saying 'STOP AT YAM, TEK CARE'

Please tell us your name, address, the date and location, and who took the image. We may contact you at a later date to ask for further information.

By sending us the photo, you are happy for the museum to accession the image into the museum's permanent social history collection. The museum will then be able to use the image in future displays or exhibitions.

Caption - signage about COVID-19 in a shop window

Thank you for being part of our community collecting project.

Please send your images to

We also have a facebook group on our page @PenrithMuseum (link on the homepage) where you can share the images called 'Eden Life in Lockdown - Sharing our Experience of COVID-19 in the Eden Valley.

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