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Artefact 7 - The dance challenge!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Find out more about clogs!

Have a look at these websites:

This blog gives a history of clogs with pictures showing the different styles:

Have a look at these websites about clog dancing and have a look at Youtube too. There are some amazing young cloggers out there. ( A clogger is a clog dancer)

This is a young people’s clogging group -

Here are modern dance clogs for sale:

They are very expensive.

This dance form started from the machines in the factories and the noise the clogs made when they struck the cobbled streets and clogs were what everyone wore.

This website shows just how popular clog dancing still is with groups from all over a England.

The artist‘s challenge:

All our creative challenges so far have been drawing or making. This is a dance challenge!

Find out about clog dancing and watch some videos of clog dancing.It is a bit like tap dancing with heel and toe taps as part of the dance.

Have a look at the clogs people now wear for dancing. How are they different to the clogs that were worn on the local farms in the past?

Choose some music you like and try out some of the dance steps.

Make up your own dance by imagining a shape on the floor eg a rectangle and using your toe and heel taps dance round the shape. How many steps does it take? Now stay inside your shape and make up some more dance steps.

Practice till you are perfect and then find yourself an audience!

With your parents permission send in a photo of you being inspired by the museum’s clogs!

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