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Artefact 6 - Making new art from old challenge!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Each week there will be a different creative challenge as you find out about special objects from your local museum. Make some art and send a photo to Rebecca, one of the curators, who will choose some of your photos each week and share them worldwide on our museum blog!

Find out more about Barbers!

Have a look at this website about Barber Surgeons

Find out about oil painting here -

The artist‘ challenge: Making new art from old!

Choose a part of the painting ‘Surgeon Dressing a Wound’ above.

Draw your chosen bit LARGE.

Use different coloured pencils or paints and make an entirely new drawing or painting

Share it with your friends! Can they guess which part of the painting you started with?

Can you see where my painting (below) began?

Send a photo of your art masterpiece by email to and then check the blog to see if it has been chosen in the curator’s blog. You can find this on Facebook or

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