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Artefact 4 - The coin challenge!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Each week there will be a different creative challenge as you find out about special objects from your local museum. Make some art and send a photo to Rebecca, one of the curators, who will choose some of your photos each week and share them worldwide on our museum blog!

Want to know more?

More about POTTERY?

Have a look at kids Britannica


Today there are one hundred pence in a pound. In those earlier times you needed two hundred and forty pennies to make up £1. Each penny was also much larger and heavier than those we use today.

some useful links about the history of money and types of coins

The artist says:

Have a look at coins. Some of them have interesting designs.

British coins currently have the Queen’s head on one side and

some kind of design on the other,

along with the date when they were made.

Try making a copy of a coin using a rubbing technique.

All you need is some thin paper and a pencil.

Hold the paper over the coin and draw over the coin.

Look at the photo to see the rubbings I made.

Visit this website for a fun maths and art ideas.

You can rub any kind of textured surface to make a print. This kind of art is called frottage.

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