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Artefact 2 - The sculpture challenge!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

Each week there will be a different

creative challenge as you find out about

special objects from your local museum.

Make some art and send a photo to

Rebecca, one of the curators, who will

choose some of your photos each week

and share them worldwide on our

museum blog!

More About - Char -

If you want to find out more about Char (the fish on the dish) have a look at this

We still think Char is good to eat in the 21st Century. Look at this for more information:

More About - How to make mobiles -

There are 3 different ways of making mobiles shown here:

Also go onto your web browser and Google ‘fish mobiles’ in images - there are lots of different ways of building them. They are called mobiles because they can move.

The artist Alexander Calder made some really cool mobiles.

Visit this page at the Tate Gallery to find out more about who he is.

Look at this one for more information about Alexander Calder’s fish mobiles:

This shows that you can make sculptures from anything! Here is a fish sculpture made

of recycled bottles - take a look!

Does it inspire you to make a sculpture out of your recycling - have a go!

Don’t forget to send a photo of any of your fish masterpiece by email to and then check to see if it has been chosen in the

curator’s blog section.

You can find this on Facebook or

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